4 seriously injured on UK coaster ConfirmFacebookTwitterInstagram Sixteen people were on the ride, according to a statement from the park. Everyone was evacuated, and the four with serious injuries were transported to hospitals. A statement from the West Midlands Ambulance Service said two men, aged 18 and 27, and two women, aged 17 and 19, suffered serious yeezy 750 new release leg injuries. All four were yeezy 750 boost black flown to regional hospitals for treatment. Twelve other people had less serious injuries, the statement said. “This has been a terrible incident and a devastating day for everyone here. I would like to express my cheap ray bans sincerest regret and apology cheap yeezy 750 boost to everyone who suffered injury and distress today and to their families,” said Nick Varney, chief executive of Merlin Entertainments, which operates Alton Towers. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, and replica yeezy boost Varney said a full investigation was underway. “The safety of our visitors is our primary concern. The park will cheap yeezy 750 boost remain closed until we understand better the cause of this dreadful incident,” he said. The Health and Safety Executive, the replica yeezy 350 boost national regulator for fairgrounds, said it was sending a team of specialist inspectors to Alton Towers on Wednesday to start yeezy 750 boost black an investigation. Jerseys Wholesale From China “We will want to determine that those responsible for operating yeezy 350 for sale this ride have done what the law requires. We will also ensure that if there are any lessons to be learned they yeezy 750 boost online are shared as soon as possible,” Neil Craig, the body’s regional head of operations, said in yeezy 750 for sale a statement. “Although the investigation is yeezy 350 boost online in its early stages, we will take action to cheap replica oakleys protect the public if replica yeezy 750 boost we uncover evidence that could affect the safety of other rides at the park or elsewhere.”
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