AARP (only as secondary payer)
Advantra Freedom – Medicare HMO thru Coventry
Advantra Medicare (Altius) all Services
Altius – for eyes, occuplasty and podiatry
Blue Cross Blue Shield & Valuecare
BCBS Med Advantage
Champ VA
Coventry Health Care – eyes, pain, podiatry
DMBA (only Medicare Deseret Secure)
EBP – Employees Benefit Plan
EMIA (credential directly thru EMI)
First Health – Eyes, Pain, Podiatry
Humana – ChoiceCare Network
Mailhandlers – First Health
Molina, Utah, Arizona, Nevada
Regular, Railroad, Molina Option & Option Plus
Health Net, PHCS, Ameriben
Preferred – all procedures
Summit Care – all procedures
Advantage – eyes only
Provider Network of America
Screen Actors Guild
Eyes only, Gap Exception Authorization required
Sierra Spectrum
Teachers Trust Nevada
UCCP/UCAN – Utah Cancer Control
United American Insurance
United Healthcare Military & Veterans
UPREHS – Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems
WISE Network
WISE/Tall Tree (Wash Co Employees) Pain & Eyes
Workman’s Comp (all)

*All plans are different so please call with any questions. We will be happy to contact any insurance company for benefit information on behalf of patients.

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