2 Weeks Before Surgery

o Avoid all products that might interfere with blood clotting such as aspirin, ibuprofen
(Motrin/Advil) naproxen, and even vitamin E, garlic extract, and alcohol.
o If you are taking anticoagulant medicine such as coumadin, plavix, or heparin, check with
your doctor to find out how much time needs to pass between your last dose of medicine
and surgery.
o You may take Tylenol for pain or fever.
o If you are a smoker, try not to smoke for a minimum of 2 weeks before and after surgery.
Smoking increases your risk for bleeding and complications during and after surgery.
o If you have chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease,
chronic lung disease, or diabetes; make sure you check with your doctor to make sure
they are well controlled before surgery.

Night Before Surgery

o Take preoperative medicines if you were instructed to do so.
o Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

Day of Surgery

o Do not eat or drink anything.
o Take all scheduled medication including high blood pressure or heart medicines;
however, only have a small sip of water. DO NOT drink a lot of water. Your stomach
must be empty for the surgery.
o Remove contact lenses.
o Do not wear makeup.
o Leave valuables and jewelry at home or with family members.
o Take a taxicab or have someone drive you to and from the surgery center.

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