Gregory J Hicken, MD

Michael W Manning, DO

In a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery, the arthritic portion of the knee is removed by the surgeon aided by the robot. The damaged surface is covered with a combination of plastic and metal parts that form the new surfaces of the knee joint.


With robotics-assisted surgical systems, you may or may not require a CT scan to prepare for the planning of your procedure. At St George Surgical Center, we use the NAVIO™ robotics-assisted surgical system, which does not require the CT scan.

This state-of-the-art  robotics-assisted surgical system is the newest and most advanced technology in town. We selected it from the available choices after conferring with our surgeons based on their preferences. We also chose it because it saves you the cost of the CT, the aggravation to have the CT and also saves you the radiation exposure of about the equivalent to 38 chest x-rays.

Some of the other systems used other surgeons and facilities require a preoperative CT scan and subject you to the radiation to move forward with your procedure. These other systems may or may not be used for a unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement (ask your surgeon which system they plan to use in your specific instance). With the robotic or computer assisted systems in place elsewhere in St George, to our understanding, your only choice with their robot is a total knee replacement – even if only half of your knee surface is damaged. 

The technology we selected also affords younger patients the option to have the only knee replacement implant on the market (Smith + Nephew) that the FDA has approved to assert a 30 year service life as demonstrated in clinical trials.

Finally, the technology we selected is associated with higher patient satisfaction and a more “natural” feeling knee, partly because with the robotic assistance, your surgeon can maneuver within the knee during the procedure in a way that can preserve your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) if it isn’t already damaged.  

In summary, the advantages of robotics-assisted total or partial knee replacement are:

  • More accurate implant positioning, which can result in a more natural feeling after surgery
  • Improved safety and reduced risk of injury to adjacent tissues
  • Small incisions, which can mean a quicker recovery, no hospitalization and less pain
  • The potential for better long-term function


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